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Ukraine must watch Crimea: US caution to avert nuclear war

The US warns Ukraine: there is a risk of nuclear war if it tries to take back Crimea. Here’s why Crimea is so important and what’s happening behind the scenes in Washington.

The United States has warned Ukraine that retaking Crimea could lead to nuclear war .

This is the alarm raised by the White House administration. If since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict Western leaders have supported Kiev in defending itself from the attacks of the Russian army and the Wagner militias , the West takes a step back in the face of President Volodymyr Zelensky ‘s desire and objective to recover Crimea .

In fact, it must be considered that Crimea has always played a strategic role for Russia, which certainly has no intention of giving up the peninsula that Vladimir Putin decided to conquer in 2014.

Faced with the risk of a nuclear war, it is advisable not to give in to panic and to clarify things. Here’s why Crimea is so important and what’s happening in the US.

Ukraine wants Crimea back, but risks nuclear war: that’s why it’s so important

The plan to recapture Crimea could be a risk for Kiev . This was stated by Tamila Tasheva , an official of the Ukrainian government in Crimea, who explained that the West is very worried about this eventuality.

Tasheva herself said that there would be a risk of a nuclear escalation if Ukraine reconquered Crimea . Fears which, according to Tasheva, would vanish when the West – the United States and Europe – understood the strategic role that Crimea plays in the war. It is from here that Moscow would launch its military strikes. The Ukrainian intelligence plan would then see the recapture of Crimea and Donbass .

It must be considered that for Ukraine to reconquer Crimea would mean reuniting the national territory , as well as putting Moscow in serious difficulty. On the other hand, it is more than certain that Russia would never give up the territory it conquered in 2014. Crimea is very important for Russia, not only for its symbolic and historical value, but above all because it plays a strategic economic and military role .

However, there are many positions against this project. In fact, if the Biden administration has publicly shown its support for Ukraine, behind the scenes the question would be quite different: in the Pentagon some senior US administration officials have many reservations. Indeed, Ukraine ‘s real ability to take back Crimea depends heavily on the military aid the country will continue to receive. Supporting Ukraine’s plan would therefore amount to the risk of an escalation of the conflict on a global scale.

US in support of Ukraine but dissent increases: what are the risks

If the Biden administration has always sided in favor of Ukraine , providing all the weapons necessary to support the war effort, the ” Crimea issue ” has strongly divided the White House and public opinion. The United States has warned Ukraine several times that attempting to recapture Crimea could lead to nuclear war , risking an escalation that could lead to a third world war .

Faced with such words, it’s no surprise, then, that the share of US citizens who think the US is providing “too much” aid to Ukraine has increased in recent weeks – at least that’s what the Pew poll results show. Research Center. The doubt seems to be spreading not only among the Republicans , but also among the Democrats who may have realized that the “aid” and “export of democracy” model is not really functional.

And if some lawmakers have backtracked on their positions, due to the upcoming 2024 presidential election , citizens’ attention could shift to domestic concerns. Several Republican candidates have said they have shelved aid plans for Ukraine. Yet, while many would like to stop sending aid to Ukraine, Nikki Haley , former UN ambassador, who is running for president, is not of the same opinion. In fact, Haley explained how the war in Ukraine could affect geopolitical balances: a defeat of Ukraine could still lead to a wider conflict .

This is not a war against Ukraine, this is a war for freedom, and it is a war that we must win. If we win this war, a clear message will be sent to China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia itself. If you lose, the risk is that Poland and the Baltic countries are next, and that would mean a world war.

It therefore appears that the United States is completely divided on whether it will continue to support Ukraine or not, especially with regards to Crimea. Indeed, the United States could set the condition of supporting the Ukrainian war effort provided that Crimea remains in Moscow’s hands. What is certain is that the position that Washington will take on the war in Ukraine could influence the progress of the war itself , decreeing a greater or lesser commitment of the NATO countries to support Kiev.

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