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Mystery Eva Kaili

For the third time, the Belgian Court rejected Eva Kaili ‘s request for release from prison . Which, curiously, does not yet have a clear line of legal support.

Her lawyer did not take over – he is not a criminologist – the second dealt with her as a case at the Larisa Court of Appeal, the third resigned, the fourth is not very interested and one more, with government credentials, went and returned inactive.

Back in Athens, her party is trying to distance itself from her aura…

Its leader repeated that “when a scandal arose concerning the European Parliament and involved a PASOK official, in how many minutes did we react by showing that no one is holding us back?…”

The truth is that a scandal did not “just arise” in the European Parliament, which simply “involved a PASOK executive”.

An official involvement of Kaili with Qatar had arisen , for which it was not deleted. The “reaction in minutes” came later when he was arrested.

She was not just a “PASOK executive”, but a central figure, with whom Androulakis collaborated for years and paved the way for her to become vice-president, even though she had voted against him in the primaries.

Mitsotakis had also supported her for the vice-presidency, while previously two – in conflict with each other – “oligarchs” had helped her in her career.

Everyone is now avoiding the diva of PASOK who made – in the open – a career as a lobbyist in the Brussels-Strasbourg axis – with the ultimate destination of becoming the leader of her party.

Her departure does not mean that her prominent political friends – who are now expressing surprise and regret by staying away – have “untangled”.

She was not even given the presumption of innocence – not even by her legal friends.

She herself remains silent and waits for the final indictment to be formed.

He lost the vice-presidency, but remains an MEP. He had no real political drive, but he had a survival instinct.

She was kept out of Parliament by two presidents of PASOK, but managed to be elected twice by the territory’s electoral body.

It made its presence felt in the European center, not with parliamentary competence. Mainly with its presence where politics intersects with interests. Circulated in the European Parliament.

Her party and its leader treat her like they never met her. But she herself believes that she is still alive.

Does she have cards in her hands, not so much against the Belgian judges, as against the Greek political system?

Does this mean that when the charges against her are finalized, she will find a way to secure support from Athens? We will see.

Over time, the mystery surrounding Eva Kaili thickens… Along with the anxiety in her political haunts.

Source: ieidiseis