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A Real Meteor That “Appeared in the Skies of Algeria”

A video clip of what they said was a shooting star passing over the sky of the city of Medea, located in northern Algeria, was circulated on social media pages. The Astronomy Center of the Algerian Ministry of Interior announced that a meteorite had been spotted in the country’s sky in the past days, but the “In the Balance of France Press” service revealed the fact that the video was filmed in Argentina. 2015.

The video shows what appears to be a glowing ball speeding across the night sky.

The publishers commented, “Video of the meteorite crossing the Medea state’s sky, leaving behind a trail of debris, dust and steam.”A picture circulated by social media users shows a meteorite that originated in Argentina is in the skies over Algeria.

The video received thousands of impressions and views, as reported by local media and confirmed by the Algerian Center for Astronomical Research, after news spread that a meteor had passed over Algerian skies.
In a statement released by the center on Tuesday last week, the meteorite seen on the night of May 7 was a meteor and the event was a “natural astronomical phenomenon”.
Video from Argentina

However, a video circulating on social media does not depict the meteorite that recently appeared in Algeria’s skies.
Searching for it after breaking it down into static scenes leads to a publication on Argentine public television in 2015 that talks about the origin of the meteorite that emitted a green light in the sky of Buenos Aires.

And by deepening the search, you can find other clips from different angles of the same meteorite published on the same date on several local news sites.

On July 31, 2015, a meteorite passing by was a strange phenomenon that was observed by the naked eye in Argentina and followed by users on social media with the hashtag #cieloverde.

Source : Dubai Week