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The deplorable situation of the Muslim nation

2022 is coming to an end, however the events and conflicts that took place during this year are unresolved, the most important of which is the Russian-Ukrainian war that erupted in February.

For me, the state of our Islamic nation breaks my heart. Indeed, every Muslim is saddened by the weakness and humiliation that our Islamic nation has witnessed. The nation has strayed for decades and whenever it tries to get back on course, it becomes more strayed and scattered. Its enemies speak out against it with hostility and who call Muslims terrorists, they fight Islam under the guise of “fighting terrorism” and utilise Arab rulers who appointed them in their countries, as spearheads in this malicious war.

The new year comes with the threat of dividing Yemen into two; separating the south from the north as part of a conspiracy by the United Arab Emirates, which armed and financed the separatists, claiming it had withdrawn from the Saudi-led coalition. The UAE destroyed Yemen, bombed the homes of Yemenis while they were sheltering within them, killed thousands of Yemenis and destroyed the country.

2023 will witness a worsening situation for Palestinian, with racism, abuse and the murder of Palestinians rising, especially as the extreme right-wing Netanyahu government takes office. There is no sign of hope for the establishment of the Palestinian state that they have been promising since the Oslo Accords, while the Zionist enemy continues to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque and shoot peaceful worshippers. Zionist settlers are storming the mosque and desecrating it, and in spite of the oppression, humiliation and abuse that Palestinians are subjected to, the “civilised” world remains inactive.

Should I highlight what is happening to the Muslims in Myanmar or the Uyghurs in China and the various types of torture and the systematic oppression they face, obliterating their lineage and uprooting their existence by the criminal fascist racist regime in China? It is tragic and shameful to hold an Arab-Chinese summit on the land of the Two Holy Mosques without mentioning these victims.

Or should I talk about the Muslims of Kashmir after India abolished the self-governance of the Muslim region of Kashmir? The first country that hastened to support India’s decision was the UAE. The Emirates described the Muslims of Kashmir as terrorists.

Here I remember what happened to Timor and how they seized and separated it from the Muslim state of Indonesia under the pretext that its inhabitants are Christians. They established a state whose population does not exceed 900,000 people, but Kashmir, whose Muslim population exceeds 13 million citizens, is not allowed to be an independent state or be annexed to Muslim Pakistan, instead they stripped it of its self-governance status.

What about what is happening in Syria, and the conspiracies that are planned to divide and occupy its land by the Russians and the Safavids?

In Libya, colonial countries are competing to gain a part in Libya for their own interest, they use their agent Haftar to strike the capital, Tripoli, and kill its peaceful people who are defending their country and dignity, and today he plans to separate Cirenaica from Libya!

Today, Iraq is witnessing Iranian victories, as Tehran appoints presidents and governors who are directly affiliated with it to the extent that one of its leaders said Iran occupies the capitals of five Arab states; Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Bahrain. Yes, Iran or the Safavid state as it was called took over these five countries.

It is a new year, but nothing is new this year.

Source: Middlee Ast Monitor