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Denmark to Resume Suspended Development Aid to Palestine

Denmark announced on Monday it would resume foreign development aid to Palestine, which it had suspended a few days after a cross-border attack by Hamas on Israel in October.

According to the local news agency Ritzau, the prime minister’s office confirmed that the Foreign Ministry ended the suspension of aid to Palestine, which it had put into effect on Oct. 10, saying it found no evidence that funding was misused.

“I am pleased to announce that Denmark is now resuming foreign development aid to Palestine. That means payments will now be initiated,” commented Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

The ministry said the EU and other European countries have reached similar conclusions through their processes. Copenhagen put a donation aid of nearly 72 million kroner ($10.4 million) on hold before it announced the reinstatement of aid to Palestine.

Denmark is among other European countries witnessing massive pro-Palestine protest demonstrations, with thousands of people demanding a cease-fire to Israel’s military strikes in Gaza.

The anti-war protesters call the war “genocide” and demand politicians take more action to support the Palestinian people, said local news outlet DR.

At least 18,412 Palestinians have been killed and 50,100 others injured in Israeli attacks since Oct. 7, according to Gaza’s health authorities. Official figures show the Israeli death toll in the Hamas attack at 1,200.

Source: AA