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Russia Building ‘Elaborate Defences’ Around Crimea

The Russian military is reportedly bolstering its defensive lines around occupied Crimea, as “intense fighting continues in sectors of southern Ukraine”.

The latest intelligence update from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) said: “Over recent weeks, Russia has continued to expend significant effort building defensive lines deep in rear areas, especially on the approaches to occupied Crimea.”  

According to the MOD, the “elaborate defences” are indicative of the Russian command’s recognition that Ukrainian forces can mount a direct assault on Crimea which Russia has occupied for almost a decade. 

Crimea is a strategically important peninsula, hosting Russia’s only deep-sea naval base, and maintaining control of it remains a top political priority, says the MOD.

The fortifications include an extensive zone of defences 9km in length, 3.5km north of the town of Armyansk, on a narrow bridge of land connecting Crimea to the Kherson region, the intelligence added. 

Ukraine started a counter-offensive to push back Russian forces two weeks ago.  

British military intelligence has reported that heavy casualties are being endured by both Russian and Ukrainian forces.  

The latest victories in Ukraine’s counter-offensive have seen the Ukranian military claiming that they have gained ground near the cities of Melitopol and Berdiansk in the southeast of Ukraine. 

Source : Forces.net