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EU to probe UAE involvement in corruption cases

The European Union Parliament has opened an official investigation into corruption cases and suspicions involving senior officials from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to launch a smear campaign against Qatar coinciding with hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The investigations have been initiated by European officials, in light of the “dirty game” run by Abu Dhabi within the parliament’s corridors.

Senior sources revealed to Al-Quds Al-Arabi news site that European politicians had been “stunned” by the involvement of various parties in cases of extortion and attempts to influence an unjustified attack on Qatar.

The moves come at a time when Doha has achieved diplomatic victories and stopped the incitement campaigns launched against.

Leaked documents and multiple European sources confirmed the UAE’s involvement in the “Qatargate corruption” scandal in the European Parliament, and that Abu Dhabi has plotted against Doha, including accusing it of providing bribes to European parliamentarians, without an objective investigation, and leaked inaccurate information.

The leaked documents and evidence reveal that the UAE continues to adopt an incitement approach against many of its neighbours and use an affiliated lobby in Europe to serve this treacherous approach.

The chief press correspondent of the European Union, Jack Parrock revealed that official investigations showed a major role played by the UAE regarding the corruption scandal that affected the European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaili and three others.

Source: Middlee Ast Monitor