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Egypt’s Food Industry Exports Hit Record Highs

Egypt’s food industry exports reached $4.3 billion in the first ten months of 2023, said Chairman of the Food Export Council (FEC) Hani Barzi on Wednesday13/12/2023.

The figure marks a significant 15 percent increase in the same period last year, FEC added in a statement.

Such a value is the highest in the history of exports of Egyptian food industries in the relevant period, it said.

Arab countries bought the most, importing 55 percent – or $2.344 million – of the total share, the council said, adding the European Union was the second-largest destination, importing 17 percent – or $740 million – of Egypt’s exports, a 12 percent growth over last year.

Non-Arab African countries also showed strong demand, importing food products valued at $380 million, representing a growth of 21 percent.

Source: Egypt Independent