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Algerian Family in Oran Preserves Tradition of ‘Créponné’ Ice Cream

Algerian family in Oran preserves tradition of ‘créponné’ ice cream. It’s a “medicinal”, “affordable”, and “refreshing” treat sold by Mohammed Bouzeboudja and his family in a cozy shop along Boulevard Ahmad Zabana near the historic working-class neighbourhood of Oran’s New Town in Algeria.

“The authentic creponné is made with eggs, that’s how we do it, despite the fact that the price of eggs has gone up. Even if the price of the raw material [to make the ice cream] has increased, we keep our selling price, we do not increase our prices,” he said.

The zesty treat is considered a signature gem within the Algerian culinary culture.

Khelil Ahmed Fouatih, retired football coach living in France, enjoys taking a trip to Oran the savor the ice-cream when on visit to Algeria.

“It reminds me of what Oran used to be. When we came to Sidi el Houari [the old Spanish quarter of Oran] or to the New Town, and they would ask us where we are going, we would say we are going to eat a créponné. There was no ice cream like today, popsicles and all sorts of flavours. There was just the créponné.”

As western and central provinces in the country have experienced a series of heatwaves over the summer, residents of Oran rush to “Zabana” to try the ‘créponné’, an egg-white and lemon concentrate sorbet priced at under 50 centimes, to beat the heat.

Source : Africa News